How Pinteresting!

My night class schedule is on hiatus until September, so I am hopping back into the kitchen (hopefully)! During the semester I cook 90% of the time in a slow cooker, so I look forward to using my pots and pans again. I find most of my recipes from Pinterest. It can be a gamble. Some of those food bloggers take beautiful pictures, and what I end up with is a big yellow brown mush. Or the flavors sound great in writing, but blah in reality. I’m also learning to cater to picky eaters, so I have to avoid mustards, mushrooms, wet breads (?), and anything that I think is exciting or adventurous. Merp.

This week I was led to the following blogs in an attempt to recreate their recipes:

My favorite thing this week, though, was recommended by a sorority sister and fellow city-dweller-turned-suburban mom. Strawberries with graham cracker crumbs and whipped topping. Cool Whip sort of scares me, but I really like its more natural alternative, Tru Whip.


A few other Pinteresting favorites:

For the health-conscious (maybe):


I have to do a blood panel tomorrow morning, so I’m fasting right now. Really bad time to put this list together. Oof. Anyhow, I would truly appreciate any dinner recipes that you have to share!






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